Just one more day...

...til I am on summer vacation!  I guess we should call it spring/summer vacation since it's still spring for almost another month.  But I don't care.  You can call it what you want...after 1:57 tomorrow, I will be on vacation!  I can't wait!  It's been a long 175 days.  I thought I wouldn't feel this way with the year being 5 days shorter, but man, I am ready to be done with them.  They have learned, done what they should and need to move on for more learning! 

Today we had field day.  And now I am sunburned, tired and drained.  But the kids had fun and thought it was the best day ever.  We were outside from 9:30 til 1:30, with a break for recess and lunch.  They has relays, races, and learned to play volleyball with a beach ball.  I am glad the day is over and they had fun.  Then we graphed M&M's and did some math with them to end the day.  A movie was shown, too, to kill the last 40 minutes of the day to give me some time to chill before having to do my CUM folders and all that fun! 

Tomorrow will also be a day to celebrate.  It's a big birthday for me...somewhere between 30 and 40.  Right in the middle.  Yep, I can't even type the number!  Don't know why, but this one scares me a little too much.  But, I will celebrate that the year is over and I can start on my to-do list for the summer. 

Last year, I told myself that I would wait til July 1 before I started school work for the new year.  This year, I have so many ideas in my head, I don't think I can wait!  I may take a week off or so, plus I have to do my homework for my online class that has been waiting for a very long time to be done.  I have so many things to make, I need to make a list.  That is next on my agenda...making a list of all the things I want to do over the summer and have ready for school. 

Plus, I have a ton of projects to do at home to clean, organize and revamp.  I want to be crafty, but need more time, space and to clean up my crafty area.  Plus, I need to get my flower beds cleaned, weeded and replanted to fill in some gaps.  And I need to somehow get rid of the gophers that have taken over my yard. 

Happy almost Friday all!  And to those of you who's last day is tomorrow, Happy vacation!

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