It's Over!!!

No, not the school year, but Open House.  It came and went in a flash.  I am glad it's done.  Now the year can start winding down and we can focus on cleaning things up and getting ready to be on vacation!  I had a decent turnout, with 15 of 20 kids and parents showing up.  Not surprising, most of my lowest kids didn't come.  Surprised?  Nope!  But, the parents seemed happy with what we had up, they liked seeing their kids work from the year and all seemed happy.  I tried to talk to them all, but they all came at the same time.  Too hard to talk to everyone!  Oh well, if they wanted to talk to me that badly, they should have made a conference in the last 169 days! 

I did have a couple parents ask me to go to 2nd grade, which was flattering.  But, my heart is in 1st for now.  I wouldn't want to take my whole class with me, but I would take half.  But, I am looking forward to my summer vacation, getting my room ready for the new year (yeah, it's official, I'm moving rooms) and meeting a new bunch of kids to teach. 

Now, I just have to do report cards, keep my kids busy next week so they don't kill each other and enjoy the last few days with my kids having some fun!  For now, I am going to sit on the couch and veg...I am exhausted!  Happy almost Friday!


  1. Yay! Glad you're all done with Open House! Isn't the end of the year the hardest? My kids are insane right now and today they were total animals and when they were being their worst - the Superintendent walked in! Of course, right? So my husband (who's also a teacher) and I are really considering making the move to Southern California this summer. I'd love to hear about the area that you live and if you think moving to CA in this economy is "smart." My parents are not so supportive ...

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I have lived in CA my whole life, so I know nothing different. I am in So Cal, in the Inland Empire, if that means anything to you. We are about an hour from anything - the beach, LA, the mountains, Disneyland. I like where I live since we aren't in the big city, but it's easy enough to get to if we really wanted to go there, which we don't!

    As for the economy, it kinda sucks right now. In the last couple years, there have been like 30,000 teachers laid off. And, if some tax thing doesn't pass in June, there will be massive layoffs in August, class size will go up and we will take a 20 day cut to the school year. It's worst case scenario, and very scary to think about, but it may become reality. There are no teaching jobs around, unless you teach special ed, but even then, they are adding more and more things that have to be done to teach special ed. Sorry I don't have a better picture to paint for you! A few years ago, it was great. But, when the economy tanked, our state was hit the hardest. Not fun at all!