Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day.  It's always a strange day for me.  Or at least it was growing up.  I don't remember making it a big deal when we were kids.  Nor do I remember doing much with my mom, other than giving her the stuff we made at school.  I hope there was more to it than that, but for the life of me, I can't remember.  And that's scary because I have a very good memory (ask my hubby, it drives him crazy!). 

When I started teaching, I didn't really care for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Especially making the gift for the parents.  And my attitude about it wasn't (and still isn't) the greatest.  To me, I felt like I have to take the time out of the day to do something for the parents who don't spend the time working with their kids.  I have to make something neat for the kids to give their parents who can't be bothered to spend a few minutes with their child.  Bad attitude, yes.  But sadly, it's the truth where I work.  I feel like beg some parents to work with their children and get a million excuses as to why they can't do it. 

Anyway, enough of that.  Over the years, I have always done a project of some sort.  Normally it's a card with a picture.  That's it.  It's normally pretty lame compared to what I see other teachers do and I have learned it's very lame to what most people do, after exploring the blogging world for almost a year.  It's just not something I have put a lot of thought into. 

7 years ago, my hubby and I were trying to start our own family.  At first, it's all fun and games.  But then, reality hit.  We lost our firstr baby.  Shock!  We didn't expect that at all, but we sorta moved on after that and kept trying.  But, the first Mother's Day (almost a year after we lost the baby) was hard.  I had quite a few friends who had had babies and were all happy and could celebrate Mother's Day.  But not me.  It was really hard, thinking it should have been me.  I know that year my mother's day project SUCKED!  The next year, I was about 8 month pregnant and I have no idea what we did then, but I am sure it was still lame!  Finally the next year it was my turn.  I should have done more for me kids, but I didn't.  I was a bit bitter about the fact that, thanks to an error by the dr, I wouldn't be having more kids.  It was my choice, but one that I have finally embraced and feel comfortable with. 

This year, as I sat and looked at all the ideas in blogland, I found one that I could do and be comfortable with giving to the mom's and still feel like I didn't have to sacrifice my attitude too much.  So, thanks to everyone who put up the idea for Breakfast in a Bag!!!  That is what my kids did this year.  (My camera is at Lowe's right now, so I have no pics!)  It was a fun project, didn't take a lot of time and the kids got a kick out of doing it.  I didn't have to spend too much money, which made the hubby happy and I didn't have to think too much about it.  Yes, I may still have the same crappy attitude, but the parents don't have to know about it!

But, even with all that, I am happier with what I got from my daughter.  She made me a little card with shapes all over it, wrote Mommy and her name and wrote I love you on it.  How can it get any better?  We spent the day yesterday (just the 3 of us - PERFECT) at the Wild Animal Park, lunch at Panera, a quick trip to Legoland, dinner by the beach, watching dolphins and a stop at Home Depot to get some roses for me.  It was the perfect, very long day with my family.  And that is what I wanted.  The chance to be with them all day and nothing else.  And that is what all mother's should want.  Time to be with their children and families doing something they love.  The material things are nice, but if I had to choose, I would want my family there with me and nothing else! 

Happy Mother's Day!  I am going to enjoy the day working on my roses with my daughter, NOT doing school work and having a relaxing afternoon watching a movie with my hubby.  What more could a momma want?


  1. I'm with you about Mother's Day crafts at school. It isn't really that big of a thing in the upper grades where I am so I haven't had to worry too much...but it has bothered me in the past that there is an expectation of something for people who you only meet at conferences (and some not even then!) whose kids are 2-3 grade levels behind yet we're supposed to celebrate them? Riiiight.

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