The end is near...and our brains are MIA

This time of year, the kids forget how to do everything.  Like write their name on the paper.  Like how to add 2 numbers together.  Like how to make a complete sentence.  I don't get it.  Summer vacation isn't here yet, but our minds have checked out. 

As each day passes, some of my kids get lazier less motiovated.  I gave them an easy writing assignment, where all but 3 words were written for them.  I still have kids who aren't done.  Hello?  What were you doing?  I have kids who thought the math was too hard - gluing flowers in order from shortest to tallest and then measuring them with cubes.  Um, we just did that every day this last week! 

It baffles me that things get harder, when in fact, they are easier.  Don't get me wrong, some of my kids are doing awesome.  They do whatever I say, no matter how boring they think it is.  And for those kids, I would give them a million minutes of free time, if we had that much.  I just wish all the kids would put their thinking caps on and USE THEIR BRAINS! 

I worry about a couple of them going on to 2nd.  I know they won't practice over summer, so they are going to go in lower than they already are.  And the 2nd grade teachers aren't gonna like it.  I see kids from last year who sit at the tables every day doing the work they didn't do in class.  Hmmmm...some of mine better pick out a cozy spot.  They aren't motivated by anything and move slower than a slug! 

But, tomorrow is Friday and we have a thousand and one things to do by the time 3 o'clock rolls around.  Plus, I have to prepare them for the sub the next 3 days and make sure they are all little angels.  UGH!  But, on the bright side, I will be away from them for 3 days - long enough to miss them and be so happy when I see them again next Thursday.  It seems so long.  Then we can prepare for Open House, get ready for the end of the year and TEST.  DRA's this time around, but it has to be done. 

Happy almost Friday all!  The weekend is in sight and I can't wait!  For now, I will let my brain go MIA and watch Nick Jr. with my daughter!

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