Welcome back bliss

I always like the first day back after a break for one reason - good behavior.  I don't know if the kids are tired, overwhelmed from getting up early or what, but the first day back normally has very good behavior.  Yesterday was fairly good, but I am having to crack down on my kids for the stupid little things - talking in line, shouting out in class and talking during work time.  It almost feels like August with their behavior, but it's spring fever coupled with crazy weather.  It was in the 80's yesterday and by Friday they are predicting we will be about 53* with rain and wind.  The last couple years, spring has taken its time getting here, and this year is no exception.

We have 38 days left of school.  I keep telling my kids they have 38 days to show me they are ready to be 2nd graders.  Most of them have risen to the challenge and are well above the first grade standards.  Thank goodness for motivated students.  The others - I will have less hair by the time May 27th rolls around, simply because I will be going nuts to get them higher.

But, starting today, I will have my lunchtime tutoring group with me and we are going to work on reading.  Just what I want to do on my lunch, but it's got to be done.  They don't give us time to do it otherwise, since we don't give state testing in 1st.  They offer tutoring for 2nd thru 5th, but our kids get the shaft.  So, I give my time at lunch and hope for the best.  It worked for some the last few weeks with math, so we will see.  Unfortunately, the ones that aren't 100% motivated will be the ones with me. 

Here's to hoping that today goes as well as yesterday.  And, we have collaboration today, so it's bound to be great! (Please note sarcasm!).  Happy Tuesday!

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