They seriously make that for kids?

I am completly flabergasted when it comes to the clothes that are made for kids.  Maybe it's because I am a prude and like everything to be covered that should, but I think the clothing for girls in absolutely ridiculous.  Anyone agree?

I have seen more baby buttcracks that would put a plumber to shame.  My girl students wear the lower cut jeans and high rise shirts.  I dont want to see your butt.  And neither does the person who sits behind you.  And, that's if they remembered to put underwear on that day!  Today, one of my students had on pants that were a size too big, but were low rise, so all day she was literally sitting on her butt on the carpet.  I understand that the parents are doing what they can to clothe their children, but COME ON!  Make sure the clothes actually fit before they walk out the door! 

And v-necks, low cut and spaghetti strap tops?  I am very glad that most little boys have no desire to look down the shirts of little girls, but still.  No one needs to be seeing any of that.  I worry more about all the perverts and such out in the world that get their kicks from little kids.  Some of these 6 year old girls are dressed like they are 16 or older, walking around strutting their stuff they ain't got. 

It blows my mind that clothes are made for little girls that should or shouldn't be worn by adults.  Again, I am pretty much a prude when it comes to clothes, but I think little girls should look like little girls, not short street walkers!  But sadly, some little girls dress like that - and the parents are the responsible ones who are doing this to them.  One of my other little girls came to school in new boots - and the heel was over an inch tall and pretty thin.  Another teacher told me she looked like her shoes were for walking the streets - and it was hard to disagree. 

Just last week, Ambercrombie introduced their bathing suits for tween that were padded.  What does an 8 year old need with a padded cup for a bikini top?  And why in the world is an 8 year old wearing a little string bikini?  There is obviously a market for this items, or the companies would not be making them.  But why in the world are we (as a society) OK with dressing up our little girls to look like they are 18? 

I want my daughter to be little as long as she can be.  A lot of people think she is younger than she is simply because of the clothes she wears.  She is almost 5 and will dress like an almost 5 year old.  She's not 15 and won't dress like she's 15.  She may hate me, but I am here to protect her and keep her little as long as I can.  I will dress her as cute as I can, as long as her butt is completely covered and her shirt goes past her butt, too! 

I wish all the parents would realize that their little 6 and 7 year old is only 6 and 7 years old and they should want them to be a little girl for as long as possible.  They grow up fast enough, why make them older (or look older) than they really are? 

Thoughts?  I'm curious to see what others think, especially the mommy teachers of the world! 


  1. I'm glad I'm a mommy of a boy. I understand what you are saying...see it here too!


  2. I agree 100%! I'm not a mom yet, but my daughter will NOT be dressing like a skank. It makes my jaw drop when I see what little girls are wearing. Also? Abercrombie is the devil. Clearly!

  3. I have never stepped foot into an Abercrombie myself, but seeing some of the things people wear makes me wonder. No store is safe on what they sell and it makes it harder for me to buy clothes to keep my almost 5 year old looking like she's almost 5 and not 12! I think it's disgusting what's out there!