Spelling test example

Here is an example of the spelling test I give my kids.  They are the same format each week, but the skills change depending on what we are learning about.  It's not a typical spell the word test, as there is a lot more and I grade them on how they write a sentence, too!  They love that - NOT!  It helps them get a little more prepared for taking the state test in 2nd grade.  At least I hope it helps them be a little more prepared! 

The Surprise Family spelling test

Let me know what you think!  Anything you would add?  Tweak?


  1. Hi Kristen! I just found your blog and LOVE it! I was especially thrilled to see you do Houghton Mifflin reading. We are in the exact same place in the stories! I will be back often! Thanks so much for sharing! : )

  2. I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your spelling tests! It bumps it up a notch reallly showing what the kiddos know! I would love for you to post these for each story too if you don't mind, cause I would really enjoy using them! Will you be posting a packet for The Greedy Bears over the weekend? Thank you soooo much!!!!! Smiles,Cindy

  3. Hello!
    I LOVE your spelling test format. I would love to use it in my first grade classroom. I saved it to Googledocs, but it wouldn't let me edit inside of the text box? Could you please send it to me via e-mail? My address is
    It would be a huge help! I'm looping to 2nd grade next year, and I'd love to use it then as well! :)