Oh, what a week!

I am glad that last week is over and this week will be a new start.  It was a long week back from vacation and it ended on one crazy note.  I was so glad to get home Friday night and veg on the couch all.night.long.  I needed it! 

Anyway, Friday morning, we were expecting a late "winter" storm.  Remember, in SoCal, we normally have warmer weather.  But, it was pretty chilly that day.  As I was driving to work, this is what I saw:

It may be hard to see, but that is a dusting of snow on the hills.  Those are hills, not mountains.  That means the snow level was down to about 2,000 feet.  We didn't get snow in the winter there this year, even with our coldest storm!  But, it was melted before most of the kids woke up and were at school, so they weren't all excited about the snow, but the fact that we were that cold was enough to make us go crazy!  Oh, and top off the fact that 2 kids didn't have jackets!  WTH?

We had our monthly student of the month and writing assembly inside.  That made the kids a bit cooky, just since it was out of their normal.  And, our principal lets them get away with talking and being rude in the assembly.  Discipline isn't her thing, which is a big bummer.  ( I had a girl drop the f-bomb the other day - NOTHING!).  

We finally get to class, take our spelling test for the week and then started working on our directed drawing turtles.  I thought this would be easy for the kids, but I was a bit (a lot) wrong.  Some are adorable, some are, well.....

During the time after recess til lunch, it was getting really cloudy and windy.  Not our normal weather at all.  And then it got loud.  

It started to hail.  I know for some of you, it's no biggie, but we don't get hail that often.  I think I have seen it hail 3 times in my life here.  The kids were all freaked out and we had to walk to lunch in it.  It was only the size of peas, but still, it made for an interesting walk to the lunchroom!

After that the day was shot.  We spent math time working on fact families.  I learned a valuable lesson - make sure there are lines for them to write the problems on.  I had them playing a game, but they didn't "get it" since I didn't draw all the lines on their papers.  I had it on the board, but it wasn't the same.  Oops!  We have been working on them like this:

and we've been working on them like this, too, which they love!

I am hoping that this week is a lot calmer than last week.  We went from 85* on Monday to 50* by Friday.  They were crazy, I was cold and it didn't make for a pretty picture!  I know this week will be a bit crazy because we have 3 assemblies, all during our reading time.  So, I'll lenghten the week of reading to 2 weeks, wich will give me a whopping 6 days out of 10 to do something with it!  Plus we have a field trip the following week and a furlough day to end that week, right before Easter.  Fun!  Oh, and Easter????  I have taught around Easter once in 12 years.  I have nothing!  Do I need to even do something?  I guess I should start figuring it out!

On a side note, I spent all day yesterday doing homework for my art class.  I'm not the greatest student when it comes to my assignments for an independent study class.  But, they are all done but one (it was still drying last night) and I have just 2 more things to write and I can get it in the mail tomorrow!  Yes!  1 class down, 4 more to go!  And all by Sept. 1 so I can get my pay raise!  It will come in very handy next year with more furlough days and a rate hike for insuarnce (as if $250+ a month wasn't enough).  Maybe I should start playing the lottery!  Anyway, here's a look at what I had to do for the class (my hubby laughs that it's a grad. level class!):

Well, time to get the last items done, sent off and get ready for Monday. 
 Oh, and let me just say that in my opinion, Picasso was a freak!  I amnot a fan, as you can tell by my "work" of his!  Happy Sunday!


  1. I love your Mondrian!

    On our honeymoon I dragged my husband to both the Picasso museum in Barcelona and to Reina Sofia in Madrid to see his Guernica. He did not want to go because he did not like Picasso at all. After those two visits, he completely changed his mind. I saw Guernica for the first time at 17 and became a fan forever.

  2. Thank you! It feels good to know it looks OK. My hubby told me last night it looked like an art museum threw up on the kitchen table. I was so tired from doing work that all I could do was cry!

    Maybe one day I will learn to appreciate Picasso, but...I'm not very art cultured, just learning as I go. I will be taking 2 more art classes so hopefully I can teach my kids more than stick people!