Monday randomness

Thankfully today was a lot calmer than last week.  The kids weren't as crazy, but they weren't calm, either.  They were somewhere in between crazy and sedated.  They were losing it by the end of the day, but thankfully they were engaged in the science lesson and then I sent them home!

I am sure the weather isn't helping.  On Saturday, we were over 90* with sun, sun and more sun.  I think Sunday was about 83* and today was a chilly 62* with overcast skies.  And when I say overcast, I mean icky, gross, cloudy foggy crap.  We have "May Gray" and June Gloom", both of which I hate.  But it's April!  Where's my sun?  They say maybe this weekend it will be sunny.  I hope.  I hate it when it's cold on Easter!

I am so ready for the year to be over with.  I am tired.  My kids are tired.  We are done.  Starting at the beginning of August wears us out (that's when we get our heat - Aug thru Oct all 90*+ every. single. day.).  I am looking forward to having all of June and July off, but then August will be here before I know it!

We are going on a field trip to the grocery store today.  I hope it's exciting and fun and my kids are perfect!  Of course, I am still waiting on one permission slip to be signed.  I"ll be a little bummed if they don't get to go, but, I sent home several slips and the cousin's slip was signed, so.....

Glad Monday is over.  I only have 5 more Mondays of school til summer break!  Looking at it that way is much nicer!  Oh, and one of those Mondays I will be at a lovely training. 

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