Long week!

I am very glad it's almost Friday.  It has been a long week already, with one more day to go.  But, I feel it has been productive and I have enjoyed being with (most) of my kids this week.  We have been busy writing our descriptive essays.  So far, we have written about cats and are finishing up turtles.  Tomorrow they will write whatever they wish.  I have pics, but my camera is in my car and I don't want to go get it!  :) 

I introduced fact families this week and I am so proud of my kids (and me!).  They seem to get the concept.  I hope they truly understand what it means.  I took pics of what we have been doing with them, but again, the pics are in the car.  I am going to do an activity tomorrow with it, as long as I have it all prepared.  I haven't stayed late this week - I didn't want to.  I have a lot ready for next week, so I just have been coming home and enjoying being at home. 

Behavior has been a major issue this week.  The kids are IN.SANE.  I don't know what has gotten into them, but it is a freaking circus right now.  All my kids moved their clips since they were crazy in the lunch line.  And my kids are just being weird.  I hope it's the weather and that it will change next week.  We were 95 last week, 85 on Monday, it was 65 yesterday with sprinkles/rain, 57 today with sprinkles and it's supposed to be 50 tomorrow with rain.  Remind me please that I live in sunny southern California!!!! 

We have a board member visiting tomorrow and we got no notice.  I need to get to work a bit early and make sure things are cleaned and look super!  Happy almost TGIF! 

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