I don't think it's good that the planets are aligning!

I was reading earlier today that there are 6 planets that will be aligned in the sky early in the morning for the next few days.  I think it spells disaster.  And not the-world-is-coming-to-an-end type of thing, but the fact that the kids have gone crazy.  Completely and utterly out of their freaking minds!  And boy, am I glad it's Friday!

My day started with a note from a mother who said her son is being bullied every day.  Um, WHAT?  Why didn't I know about this?  When did it start?  Details!!!!!!!  Well, when push came to shove (literally), it was all about handball.  The complainer was upset he didn't get "redo's" and he didn't like that.  Every time he hit the ball, he called "re-do".  So, the other boy said he was gonna punch him the next time he said "re-do".  Oh, and did I mention they were the only 2 playing the game?  I guess there was more about them making up a game called "step on my foot" which then led to pushing.  Um, really guys?  But, problem solved, and they missed recess til we could get to the bottom of the story! 

Then, to make matters worse, I had a student, who is normally very sweet and nice cheat on her spelling test.  CHEAT!!!!!!  I almost died.  And then, to make it worse, she was talking a bit later when we were trying to do something else, so I kicked her out of class.  I think she felt terrible, but not terrible enough to behave all day.  She was playing during library time and hit a kid in the nose.  Oh my word! 

And, the fun wasn't over yet!  I had 2 boys, who are good friends, get into at recess over a "toy", some piece of trash they found at recess and were playing with.  One boy thought the other was done, took it and then the boy punched him.  At least he felt remorseful and completely broke down, cried and told me how sad he was that he hurt his friend.  He even punished himself and moved his clip to red and sat out the Eric Carle video...well part of it any way! 

I have always been proud of my classroom behavior, but today it sucked.  They were crazy, I was bitchy (and I will admit it to them when I am grumpy) and it just wasn't a good day at all. 

Luckily 3:12 came and the kids were gone.  I did my work during the video, finished my bus duty and was gone for the weekend by 3:45.  That rarely happens to me!  But, I was able to come home, go with hubby to pick up my dogs from the vet (yeah, there goes my paycheck this month!) and come home and crash on the couch.  But, I did get to watch the wedding tonight and be up on what happened.  Now, I think I will go back to the couch, check on my poor pooch and veg for the night! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Holy cow....sounds like your week was about as eventful as mine! Hail to the weekend!