The freaky week is now over...thank goodness! (lots of pics!)

Maybe it's the upcoming full moon, Easter and spring fever, but it was a freaky week.  I think every teacher commented that their kids were less than stellar in their behavior and in their mental abilites this week.  Mine sure were! 

A couple things of note this week.  We wrote our animal reports.  We spent a very long time learning about animals (I started in January and just finished...there was some time off for other things, but I spent too much time on animals!) and I wanted a final project for them.  So, we wrote reports.  They were OK, not bad for their first reports, but considering I did most of the work for them, I wanted better.

I love the bat!  He took a long time to do it and followed directions when I said to make it big! 

We also had an animal assembly yesterday.  It was only an hour, which bummed me out after we were told 3 hours, but whatever.  We got to see 6 animals that are not native to us - a ferret, an armadillo, a hedgehog, a parrot, a monkey and an alligator.  They were neat animals and it tied in nicely tp what we had learned about animals. 

I loved the armadillo and the hedgehog.  They looked so much alike in the face.  I don't know much about armadillos, but they look so cute.  Maybe they are bad if you live where they are, but we don't have them here in So Cal. 

I have been working with my focus group on fairoy tales.  Last week we read Cinderella and the Korean Cinderella and compared them, wrote about them and made little castles.  This week we read Jack and the Beanstalk.  Interesting story!  Yesterday they had to write about finiding magic seeds and planting them and tell me what they would grow.  I had 4 kids who bothered to finish them and they were very good and imaginative!

This one says the seeds grew into a road and he found a limo.

The seeds grew into a magic apple tree with different colored apples.

A tree grew and there were animals on top that hadn't been discovered yet. 

In math, we are working on adding 3 numbers.  Today I gave them a dice (die?) and had them roll it 3 times.  They had to write the numbers down and then add them together.  I will try to type it up and download it.  My printer at work is out of ink and I don't know if any will appear any time soon!  The kids had fun doing this and it was a good assessment to see if they could add 3 numbers.  I think I will do it again next week, if we have time!

Well, my busy weekend needs to start.  Family day today and then tomorrow will be a mad dash to get everything done.  Oh, and I need to fit in time to go to Lakeshore as I have a $300 PO to go crazy with!  I am so excited.  There is so much I want for my kiddos, I hope they have it all and I can limit myself on what I get!  Yippee! 

Here's to a nice, warm (90*+  woo-hoo) weekend!

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  1. Oooh, I'm jealous of your shopping spree! And I love how you got real live animals in your assembly - how awesome! I only see armadillos as road kill here in TX. My kids definitely have spring fever - 7 more weeks to go but they are sure wiggly!