Field Trip Fun

Today was our field trip to the grocery store.  It was scheduled from 9:15 til 12:30, but, like everything else lately, that time was actually different.  The lady thought we were only going to be there til 10:30.  We ended up leaving a little after 11 to go back to school.  But, it was a good time, just a lot of standing around and waiting for things to move on!

When we first got there, they had us outside and talked about what we eat for breakfast. During this time, they were given some cereal to eat and a sample drink from Starbucks. It was something lemondae, and way too sweet for me!

After this, we went inside the store.  There, we stopped first at the deli counter.  The kids were able to sample chicken strips, potato wedges and cheese...lots of cheese.  It seemed like there were a lot of little mice there! 

Then we headed over to the bakery.  They showed the kids how they made a bunny cake for Easter.  The kids thought it was neat.  And we got to take it back to school!  We will have it tomorrow for recess!

We then went to the veggie and fruit aisle and the kids were given samples of melon.  Most of the kids didn't want to try canteloupe or honeydew, so they stuck with the watermelon.  Of course, this is the part of the trip where one of my kids decided she was tired and needed to sit down on a bench that was sitting on top of boxes.  The bench is not made to sit on at the store, so the bench came apart, she fell into all their windchimes and made a ton of noise.  I could have died.  Luckily she was back with the other class, so they thought she was theirs!  I was ready to have her go back to school about 3 minutes after we got there. 

We went then to the meat and seafood dept.  They showed the kids all the meat and really talked up ground beef.  Could they have picked a worse food to talk about?  I don't eat red meat, and ground beef most of all.  Ugh!  They brought out a lobster to show the kids and they could touch it if they wanted to.  I got to hold it so we could get a picture of us all together! 
We headed over to the milk/eggs/ dairy section.  The kids got to go look in the freezer they have and then we were done.  Even though we did a lot, I was expecting a lot more.  I guess the teacher who arranged the trip has done a lot more hands on stuff there before.  We didn't get a lot of hands-on, unless you count eating, but it was fun.  I am glad it's over.  I am tired and I don't like the stress of taking the kids somewhere.  It's much easier to keep them at school! 

Tomorrow we will write about the trip and I will try to print out some pics for Open House.  The good thing is that this was free - we just paid for the bus to take us there!  We have some other assemblies that will count as "field trips" but those will be later in May. 

For now, I am going to go and make dinner and then crawl into bed for the night!  Happy Tuesday!

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