Earth Day fun a day early

Tomorrow is a furlough day for us.  It is a much-needed day away from the kids.  After this, I have 25 days left with kiuds - 5 weeks from tomorrow will be my last day of school! (Insert angels singing here!)

Today we did a quick little Earth day lesson.  We talked about how to keep the Earth clean and healthy.  We wrote 5 ideas down (the kids picked from a list of 8....download the template here) and then they made their own Earth.  I found the idea at The Techy Teacher.  We used coffee filters, blue and green markers and water.  The kids then glued them onto black paper.  I think they turned out really cute.  One of my girls (with a little attitude problem) told me that we were wasting paper by doing the projects.  I couldn't help but tell her that she can refrain from projects then if she doesn't want to waste paper!  She didn't like that idea.

Here are the neat Earth's the kids made.  I will definitely do this project again and again.  I may even do it with our social studies unit on maps, too!

    We also did our jelly bean graphing today.  If you need a quick idea for tomorrow, go here for a download!

Happy Thursday!  Today was my Friday so I will get to enjoy being Mommy tomorrow and take my daughter to story time! 

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  1. Love the jellybean activity. Such a fun way to practice math skills.