Does this happen to you?

As the year is winding down, I find myself becoming more and more exhausted.  It's all I can do to stay awake past 9pm!  I am anxiously awaiting May 27th when I can say good-bye to my kids and hello to summer! 

Here is my end of the year ritual, which always puts me into catch-up mode:

1. Bring home papers to grade...leave them in the bag all night long.

2. Put papers that need to be filed on the files...leave them there til they have to go in. 

3. Get items ready for Open House...wait til the week before.

4. Figure out the last week stuff...wait til the week before when I am cramming for Open House.

5. Finish end of the year DRA testing...wait til the week of Open House to test while we are finishing projects.

6. Organize stuff away for next year...wait til the last day of school.

I am pretty organized through the year, but when the last month comes, I lose it all.  I can't think straight, I can't get things done...I AM READY FOR VACATION!

Oh, and then there is the planning I am already doing for next year.  I just have my trusty notebook with me that I write down things I need, want to do, need to buy, etc.  It's get me excited for next year, without going overboard. 

Well, I am off to go and do nothing.  I should be doing plans for next week, but I think I will wait another day.  There is always time tomorrow for what should have been done today, right?


  1. hahaha I enjoyed reading. I now follow your blog. Come check mine out if you would like- I love that you teaching in Cali. I'm here in rainy Indiana. =)


  2. I dropped by to let you know that your blog has been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! Follow this link to know what you need to do next.