What is Daily 5?

I must be completely out of the loop, but what in the world is Daily 5? Am I missing something here? I don't know anyone (in person) that does the Daily 5 or has even heard of it. Please enlighten me! I'm looking for something new for next year to change things up and get out of my rut, but I have to have something that will fit with the crazy psycho schedule that we have!


  1. Ohmygosh- The Daily 5 is THE. BEST. THING. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Two teachers/sisters got together and created a management literacy schedule system that will knock your socks off. Each day the students are engaged in five tasks: Read to self, Work on Writing, Buddy Reading, Word Work, and Listen to Reading (ipod/computer for my kids). My kids are more engaged and more independent. I'm happier. It's great!

    http://www.thedailycafe.com is their website.
    Check out "The Daily Five" at your local teacher center, library, or better yet- just order it off of Amazon. They also have "The CAFE book" which I use as well.

    You will never go back once you get a glimpse! Good luck!

  2. I just heard of it recently too! I just downloaded the book to my Kindle it is onsale for 7.99. I went to a Reading Conference last summer and there was a lot of talk about Daily 5. They gave a book of activities but there was no explanation about how to use it. I came acrossed it again and began searching. That is how I found the Daily 5 on Amazon for the Kindle. I figured I could not go wrong after reading the reviews. I will be doing more research on this topic too!

  3. Oh how I ♥ the Daily 5. Unfortunately, however, our district is so dead-set on using a stupid basal reader, it's been hard for me to implement it effectively.

    That said, it is an amazing program that allows you to toss the basal/anthology/crap scripted program and teach kids to read with REAL books, REAL magazines, REAL newspapers at their level and on strategies they are ready for, even if that is 8 different strategies being taught across kiddos in your room in a week. I just wish I could use it more effectively.

    Because I'm tied to that basal, I've incorporated it somewhat into my reading conferences with teaching the strategies and it helps (the CAFE book has all of those). I just wish I had a little more flexibility so I could do the rounds like in Daily 5.

  4. I will try to do a post on this within the next week. We use Scott Foresman Reading Street series, but is doesn't matter which text you use. The Daily 5 is more of a management system for centers- it isn't intended to replace your basal.