Sunday morning thoughts

It was so nice the last couple of mornings to be a bit lazy and lay in bed. I can't wait to that for the rest of this week. Spring break is much needed for my mental sanity this time of year! I brought a lot of stuff home to do, but I don't want to look at it just yet. I may go to school tomorrow to do a few things, but then again, I may not. I need to finish up some homework assignements for my classes (I have been neglecting them til spring break) and I need to clean the disaster that is my home. A 4 year old must be similar to a tornado in the damage they can do! I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about things that bug me. It seems that a lot of things bug me about my work, but it's more the people and their attitudes that get to me. * We had elections last week for our union. The president we had was running again as well as one other person. I don't get too involved in the union. Like, not at all. They are very politcal and try to pit us against each other (high school vs. elementary...not pretty). Well, the president we had in there LOST this time around. Only half the teachers voted, so that made him mad. But then, he sent out a very immature e-mail on Friday stating that we obviously didn't think he did a good job and we weren't happy with what the union has done for us. I thought it was very immature and not humble at all. And he turned down being a delgate to whatever it is they go to each year. I mean, come on, really? Are you that egotistical that you think you ARE the union? Whatever. It makes me glad that there will be someone new in there. * I gave a math test on Thursday on money. I have had a group of kids working with the aide EVERY DAY to help them practice. I knew they were struggling and needed extra help. So when it was time for the test, I had the aide take the kids to the table and she was supposed to lay the coins on the table and let them count them. Well, lo and behold, they all got 100%. She gave them the answers! She counted out the coins for them. WTH?????? It's a test! I could have died. She said they all did so well. I would pass too if someone gave me the answers! So, I gave that group the test again and only 2 passed. The others failed it, which is what I would have expected. It doesn't make me happy that they failed, but it shows what they know more than getting 100% on the test. * So after the test fiasco, I started thinking about the aides we have at school that work in the classroom. I have one aide a day for 2 30 minute blocks of time. She isn't the best (obviously) but it's another body in the room. But I'm beginning to think it's not all it's cracked up to be. Anyway, the aides we have aren't the best. We have one who has a very thick accent and can't work with the kids on reading. She can't pronounce the words correctly and will teach them the words wrong. I still have one who thinks "was" has a short a sound. This aide argues with a teacher about the word library. She says "liberry" and told the teacher she was wrong. Seriously? This is who we have working with our kids! Overall, the aides aren't great. I guess it's hard to expect greatness for 3 hours a day of work, but still. It seems to me that having another body in the room isn't always what it's cracked up to be. And many of the aides have nothing nice to say to about the students and complain about what it is they are supposed to do in the classroom. We can't use them for making copies or doing busy work of that nature, so they have to work with children. It's sad that they don't want to and end up dreading coming to work. How can we change that? * We will have 8 weeks of school left when we go back. I am ready for the year to be over. And I feel sad about it. I have a really good class this year. But the couple of kids I have who don't care has taken its toll on me. I have always had a hard time getting the parents to come in and talk to me, and it's worse than ever before. I have asked one parent multiple times to come in and given her times, then she doesn't show. She won't schedule a time, she tells me to do it, and when I do, no show. Um hello? This is for your daughter!?!?!?!!? The others will come in, talk a good game and then go home and do nothing they have said they were going to do to help. One of my kids' parents has put them in the after school program so they don't have to help them with their homework anymore. In the 3 weeks that the child has been going, I have no homework turned in, the behavior has gotten worse and the child is regressing instead of maintaining. So, it's my turn again to talk to the parent about being a parent rather than sitting on her butt at home til 6. Fun times. I am just done with the BS from parents who don't care, but will blame the teacher and the school. * I have already started planning bits and pieces for next year. I have lots of ideas thanks to the many blogs I read, but I am struggling to find time. It's been a problem for me since I have been at my school. The schedule for intervention throws off the whole day for me and I find it hard to get things done that I need to get done. This year is worse since we have 2 afternoons that are taken away from us (collaboration one day and minimum day the next). I am struggling to get my science and social studies done in a timely manner. The prinicpal has said that is the time we are to do it, so I do it then, but it's become very choppy. Maybe it's just because I have been on the same unit for so long and I am done, but I have 2 more weeks til it's all over. * Well, I am going to stop complaining for now and get on to my spring cleaning. First up in my daughter's room and her playroom. She won't be a happy camper having to help me today, but I try to remind her that I didn't make the mess, so she has to help. Happy Sunday! Hopefully it'll start feeling more like spring for my spring break rather than winter. They say no more rain after today and maybe 90's by Thursday!

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