Spring Break - Day 2

Today my hubby had surgery. It wasn't a major deal, but surgery nonetheless. He is doing really well, awake, eating like a hungry man and watching all he can on TV. It's as if he didn't have surgery and is just enjoying a lazy day at home. Then there is me. I am exhausted! I was up at 4:30 to take him to the surgery center. Then, I came home to get dressed, make lunch for my daughter and got her off to school, then I had to go to the surgery center (after sitting in traffic for 20 minutes thanks to a fatality about 20 miles down the freeway) and sit and wait there. I got him home, we watched some TV, then he fell asleep and I left to get his meds and do some quick shopping. Came home, made lunch and I crashed! Now I am off to get my daughter from school and then come home and continue something. What? Not sure, but something. I guess this will be my one really lazy day for spring break. Tomorrow is another day and we are finally supposed to be having some spring temps, at least til Saturday. We'll see after that!

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