Spring Break - Day 1

It's 8am on Monday morning and I am so glad to not be at work. I will be going in a bit to do a couple things, but it's because I want to be there, not because I have to be there. A lot of teachers were going in today. Actually, a lot were going in for the next 3 days to get some work done sans kids. The school is closed on Thursday and Friday as those are district furlough days. Yesterday I spent cleaning my house. I still have a couple rooms to really clean, but I can do those today or tomorrow. I have laundry that needs to be tackled, too, but again, it can wait. As for today, I think I am going to take my Goodwill donations in, shop a little and maybe hit up the used bookstore for books I don't need but want to read when I have time. I know the new Danielle Steel comes out next week, so I am scrambling to finish the other book I have been reading for a month. Yeah, no time to read sucks. Oh, and I have homework to do for class and turn it in by next Sunday. Good times ahead this week! But for now, I am going to be lazy, play online some more and then get up to start my day. Happy Monday all!

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