So tired...but accomplished

This week has been a long week. And I took a day off thanks to a little thing called a migraine. But, I feel better now, have gotten a lot done and have had some fun in the process.

We are still studying money. I think we will be doing money from now til the end of the year. Many of the kids are getting it, but we haven't ventured into the world of quarters yet, or anything bigger for that matter. We did 2 of our lessons from our math series on Monday and Tuesday and then rest has been supplemental.

Yesterday, my kids thought I was a rock star. I gave them a sheet with 42 coins - 14 pennies, nickels and dimes (7 heads and 7 tails of each) and had them sort them by pennies, nickels and dimes. They were in heaven. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. I felt very happy that they loved it and I thought of it in the morning as a quickie math lesson. Love!

Today, I gave them the same coin sheet, but gave them money amounts to make. They had to use their coins, cut them out and glue them on to show how to make the amounts and then on the back they had to show me different ways of making 10, 15 and 20 cents. Again, they were in heaven. I had a group, the aide had a group and then the others were working on their own. Too bad no one from the DO came in today...it would have been perfect!

Tomorrow I will make them do something similar before we jump into quarters next week. If you don't have any, I highly recommend going to the teacher store and buying money stamps. I have always borrowed in the past, but this year I bought my own. Perfect! I may get brave and let my higher kids use them next week for a center. Or maybe not. They are too perfect for little, dirty hands!

I haven't had my camera with me in weeks. I just haven't dragged it to school enough. Maybe tomorrow, if I feel like it. I think we are drawing birds tomorrow (for fun) and just having a kick back day. They have worked hard this week and we all need a little fun once in a while.

Next week I am off for a training for half of one day and then I am taking Friday off for Vegas. I am not thrilled to be going to Vegas (with a 4 year old mind you!), but it's a break from real life and all the weeds that await me in the flower bed! But, at least we have had some taste of spring this week before we get a week of foggy crappy weather. I am ready for flip flops and capris, not pants and sweaters!

Happy almost TGIF!

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  1. Those math activities sound just like something my class could really use.. is there anyway I could get them ? I love your blog, it always makes me smile (sometimes laugh) and has great ideas.