Random thoughts on a Sunday

* So it is just me or does losing an hour of sleep make you feel like a slug, too? I woke up today at 7:30, which was really like 6:30. But I was awake from 1:30 til about 4 (factor in the time change and all) and had my daughter in bed with me since she had a bad dream. Talk about a bed hog! I think I need to NOT watch the news today at all and just live in my own little reality. It's not as scary as the real reality.

* All I can think of now is an earthquake happening. For those of you who have never experienced one, they are scary as all hell! Especially when they are big. They are loud, everything moves and you don't know when they will stop. Not my idea of fun at all. Luckily, ours are normally short bursts of movement. I think I would die of a heart attack if we had a 5 minute earthquake. Completely unfathomable for me. Scary S*%T!

* After posting last night about the crazy teachers I work with, I feel a bit better. It still makes me mad that she would say that stuff to me, but I have to think of the source. I am the youngest in my grade level by at least 10 years. I think there is some jealousy there with her. No one wants to listen to me when I am much younger than they are, cause what could I possibly know? Of the 5 people on the team, I have taught longer than 2 of them, and they are much older than I am. But, I have dealth with the age thing for all my years of teaching and am used to it. It just sucks that people think they are better simply because they are older.

* After weeding my flower bed for 6 hours yesterday, I feel like I have been hit by a bus! My muscles are super sore. I am not the epitomy of health and strength, so working outside does me in. I am going back out today to work (and get more sun on my arms...didn't know I was sunburned til I went to bed last night!) and finish up with what I wanted to get done this weekend. Tonight I will bless my body with a lovely muscle relaxor and a good night sleep (please!!!!)

* I still have 2 weeks til spring break. And it can't get here quick enough. But it seems strange that we will only have 8 weeks left of school when we get back. Scary! Oh, and I am jealous of those who have already had or will be having their open house soon. Our is the week before school ends. CRAZY!!! I have to have my room looking fabulous 6 days before we go on summer vacation. But, it's how it's been for the last few years, so we are used to it. Just trying to save enough stuff to have out for the parents to see.

* In my mind, I know how I am going to change my room. My plan is to go the week after school is out, take it all down, move EVERYTHING around and start fresh. I hope I can get it done in a week so I can enjoy my summer vacation without having to be at work too much. Mind you, I will be bringing stuff home to do, so it's not a totally work-free summer!

* I spent the last hour doing homework for one of my classes I signed up for. If I have time tonight, I will start on the art project portion of the class. I have 21 projects that I have to do. Time to get my art challenged self working!

* Happy Sunday! Here's to a great week!


  1. I'm kind of jealous that you have the freedom to go in after the last day of school. The last couple of years, we have to be OUT (packed and cleaned up) by the end of the kids' last day. It's insane.

  2. We'll see how that works this year. They have some bug up their butt about us turning in our keys and then they are having summer school at my school. They won't be using all the rooms since it's just for special ed, thanks to the budget cuts! But, it'll be nice to get what I want done on my time, even if it is the beginning of summer. Better then than at the end!

  3. I SO enjoy reading your posts...wish I could go in after last day, but I head VBS which is the week after we pack up!