Oh weekend, how I love thee!

I have enjoyed the first half of my weekend very much. I was outside ALL DAY long. Well, at least til I was exhausted from pulling weeds and went and sat in the spa for some soak time. Dinner and watching the news has made my evening complete. Now, I am getting ready for bed, since I will lose an hour of sleep that I could so desperately use! But, no!

This was a weird week. I hate missing school, but needed it thanks to a migraine. But, I am all better, I had a fabulous sub (who will be there for me on Friday!), and made it through the week in a good mood. My kids were pretty good, though by Friday, spring fever had them all in a tizzy. It was the warmest it has been in a month, and they were all wired. It has cooled down today (down to about 65 as the high, I miss the 80's already) and will be cooler all week, thanks to the "marine layer" AKA fog. I don't live by the coast (thank goodness for that...I don't like waking up to a tsunami warning!) but we still get the coastal influence. Fog makes my hair frizzy, makes it all damp and it's gray icky skies. Not my friend. But, what can you do? It's better than it being 100 degrees now in March, which we've had before.

To top off the weird week, we had collaboration yesterday and it was just weird. One teacher took a half day sub, didn't tell anyone she was leaving, but said she won't be back til Tuesday. On Wednesday we are supposed to watch someone teach some strategies that I know nothing about, but we only have a half day sub to watch these all day strategies, in the room of the teacher who left without leaving us any info on times. I can't make lesson plans when I don't know when I will be gone. We made our own schedule, but then one of the other teachers told us she isn't going to be there on Wednesday so she can go to the dr. and thought that was the perfect day to go since we were doing this. Talk about collaboration. Oh wait, you don't all collaborate like that? You actually talk to each other? Hmmm, what a concept.

And to top it off, the other teacher who I am losing my patience with told me that the sub she is getting isn't going to be happy coming into my room to sub because "she doesn't like me" since I don't talk to her. Mind you, this sub doesn't eat in the lounge or talk to anyone, but this teacher felt it necessary to single me out (it's not the first time she has done this, either) and tell me that she doesn't like me and is afraid of me and thinks I will yell at her. Um, that's like the pot calling the kettle black, here. Anyway, I am seeing a pattern with this teacher - any time there is something that I have a chance of doing instead of her, she makes some comment to the team about me that is negative. She threw me under the bus earlier this year with the principal for something she had nothing to do with. She also told me something our former principal supposedly said, but now I think she just made it up so I wouldn't do something I had wanted to do. But, it still hurt. I don't go to work to make friends, but I try to be friendly to everyone, be polite, nice and help in any way that I can. This particular teacher is uber loud and obnoxious, will have a story to go with everything, and had done it all more than you have and better, no matter what it is (she tried to compare my birth horror story with something in her life - there is nothing!). For 3 years, we have put up with lunches where she just won't shut up. I told my husband that I may have to eat lunch in my room for a bit, it bothered me so much. There is no separating myself from her without me leaving the lounge. I have to leave to get away from her. She is always there and feels the need to sit where we sit, no matter what. Any advice how to change that without me having to sacrifice my lunch? I'd rather not have to eat in my dusty, spidery classroom, but I think it may come down to that. I told my hubby I would like to go out to lunch, but we have nothing by us and I would have to eat in the car driving back if I did leave. Not my idea of a relaxing lunch. But, if I do eat in my room, I guess I could work at that time. Hey, there's my prep time, huh?

Sitting for hours today pulling weeds was very theraputic. My back is killing me now, but all that weed pulling got out some frustrations. Some only, but I am feeling a bit better than this morning and last night. I was in a funk. I don't like someone singling me out for something that isn't necessarily true, especially when I see it happening more and more with this one teacher. Well, I only have to put up with her a few days this week. Maybe after spring break (in another 2 weeks) I will feel better after some time away.

Happy weekend!


  1. oh, I so am going through that too! I just can't blog about it because too many school people including her read my blog. I have prayed about the situation and I am leaving it up to God.
    Good luck girl, hope everything works out!

  2. I am with you -- I don't go to school to make friends but it is nice to have some good relationships while there. I can't stand people who back-stab like that...and I've found out that someone on my team has been whispering crap about me to others for awhile now. It's really on my nerves and I may not be able to contain myself any longer if she doesn't shut up. Sometimes you really do just have to shut your door and do your thing and ignore the rest of 'em.

  3. It is much easier to work when you are friendly with the people, but it's getting too hard. I am so frustrated right now that switching grades seems like the easier thing, but I know I would never leave 1st grade intentionally. At least not yet! I am trying to just shut the other people out of my mind, but it's not easy and I am very sensitive that way, always wanting to be liked. Don't know why, but I am!