Oh Monday, how I am glad you're over!

Today was actually a pretty OK day, really, but I am glad Monday is over. Just 2 more Mondays of work and I will be on spring break. That's 3 more weeks for those who aren't calendar savvy...I've just been counting down for 2 months!

We started the day off with some chilly, rainy weather. Always a fun way to start the day. The kids were all freaked out since it was windy. You can't have rain and wind in So Cal and not freak. It's not natural, really. What threw me into a tizzy though was the fact I left my TE for language arts at home. Luckily I knew what I was doing (sort of). I did what I could remember, which would have been easier had I actually done my lesson plans, rather than just thinking about doing them. Luckily, we aren't checked, and I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do to get my kids ready for 2nd grade.

I was glad when the day was over. We did our directed drawing of a fish, but my kids were out of it today with that. Some of their fish weren't adorable, but they will do. I will have to mount them tomorrow and hang them up. Time for the giraffes to come down! My science unit has dragged on and on and I am ready to move on, but not til spring break is over with.

We had a meeting after school for our Postitive Behavior Support team. Our psychologist wants it all to be positive since that's what will make kids happy. Um, sometimes they need to realize they did wrong and be told NO. I think that's half of the problem is that kids aren't told NO any more. I don't know...maybe I am "old school" and grew up when we didn't always get our way and life wasn't fair. Oh, how I miss the 80's. We were afraid of getting in trouble at school and more afraid of getting in trouble at home. Now, the kids don't care since the parents don't care. Anyway, we are going to revamp our referrals at school. Anyone have a good referral form they use? If so, oculd you e-mail me a copy, please? We need to see something that is good and that works!

Well, Monday is coming to an end. Time to get my jammies on and lay in bed and read while my daughter is in the bath. Busy rest of the week!

Happy Monday!


  1. I had to chuckle when you said it would've helped if you'd DONE your lesson plans instead of THINKING about doing them. I had a really busy week a couple weeks ago and wrote my plans for that week on THURSDAY lol

    I know what I'm doing and sometimes I do resent that I have to write to down for *someone else* (they check our plans maybe twice a year and that's just a quick glimpse).

  2. Smiled when I saw your comment on the PBS AND your previous blog about 30's!
    I agree with some of the PBS...we took it into more of a Positive Rule kinda thing...3 school rules and what they look like. If u need any info on it let me know.
    I STILL have a (negative-for lack of a better word) system too!!!