Just another manic Monday

I am channeling my inner Bangles there for today! Sometimes I really miss the 80s! Anyway, today was a crazy Monday. I have morning playground duty, which just throws the whole day off. But, I only have 4 duty weeks left out of 10 weeks of school, so I can live with that! I also realized about 5 minutes before lunch was over that I forogt to copy math homework. Then I forgot to copy homework for my kids on modified work, so that was another trip to the office. Holy cow...I used the copy machine like mad today, with all the things I forgot to do. But, I am caught up. For today.

I am starting to get into panic mode about my life at school and home. I have a sub on Wednesday and Friday and haven't even thought about sub plans. I was going to work on them tomorrow during our cancelled collaboration time, but I have a parent conference that will more than likely go south very quickly (please pray for us...this "parent" can go crazy very quickly!). There goes lesson planning. And I have tutoring at lunch and a million other things to do. Oh, and I have collaboration on Wednesday after school, so there goes my planning time and any other time I have to work in my room. And on Thursday I have to be prepared to leave the state by 3:45! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! But I hope to relax a bit while gone!

As for my house, it looks like a tornado hit it. That's what happens when you spend all day outside on the weekends working rather than cleaning the inside. I think when I get my raise next year I am going to hire someone to clean for me. I hate it, don't do a fabulous job and really don't care. Maybe someone else will care for me!

Well, to continue my manic night, I am going to start folding the 18 loads of laundry, finish the rest and maybe get some homework done. I have 3 weeks to get it all done, turned in and signed up for 2 more classes. YIKES!!!!

Calgon, take me away!

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