I wish...

With today being Tuesday, it was our day to "collaborate". I will use that word loosely, as we don't really collaborate much. It's more of "let me talk about how fabulous I am even though I know not all my kids are doing well and remind you of how bad you are doing" time. It makes for a not fun day. The day is fine, it's just that 45 minutes of crap at the end of the day that we have to deal with.

After the incident a couple of weeks ago with the loud mouth teacher (who fits in the quote perfectly above!), I seriously thought about moving to 2nd grade next year. I am pretty sure there would be an opening, but I might have to do a 1/2 combo, and that is not on my list of fun things to do again. I look at how the others grade levels communicate, and dare I say, collaborate and I am jealous. I want what they have. I want more than what we have as a grade level, but I know we won't get there.

As I was walking through Target this afternoon (has anyone else noticed that the prices now are freaking outrageous????), I was thinking about my school/grade level and came up with a wish list. I'm sure my daughter didn't like me ignoring her, but I was lost in thought looking for decent prices on turkey (it doesn't exist @ Target!). So, here's my list.

I wish...

....we could collaborate as a real team. Really talk about what we are supposed to so we can help our kids the best we can.
...share ideas. Again, my ideas are fine, but I'm sure someone has a better idea, but we won't know since 3 of the 5 team members don't give out any ideas whatsoever. Stingy!
...share frustrations without being judged. Unfortunately, it's part of the territory, but I don't cheat on my tests to inflate my scores, but that doesn't mean I suck as a teacher. I just do things the right way and prove that my class fits the bell curve exactly.
...we could stop rolling our eyes when other people talk. I mean, come on! Are we really back in high school?
...we didn't smash other ideas because they don't fit into your ideal plan on spending the least amount of time with your children.
...we didn't smash other ideas because you think you are the greatest thing in the world and can't spare a minute away from your kids to meet with us and then bad-mouth us to others for not caring.
...we valued each others opinions when shared. I am guilty of this, too, but I am trying harder. I am trying to be more open minded and it's hard, but I am trying.
...my principal saw that others were full of poo and will say what she wants to hear and then do something different.
...it was May 27 and the last day of school. I am done.

I'm sure there is more to add to the list, but my mind is fried. I am ready for a break, even if it's just a week, and ready to relax and work at home and do stuff for me. 42 more days and I will be enjoying my summer break watching the flowers grow, reading some books and having a drink or 2 in the middle of the day!

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