Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wow! Where has the week gone? I have been so frantic about these sub days and going out of town that there hasn't been time to sit and veg on the computer. I had taken pics of 2 of our projects for St. Patty's Day, but then left the camera at school, right where it belongs. Today will be low key for us. We will do our lucky charms graph and then eat the cereal while finishing the other math pages to go with it. The kids will love it and so will I...a few minutes of fun and relaxation while they work!

It has been a week. I still am leaving myself at a distance from the teacher who I am still a bit pissed at. She's just so loud and annoying and I am done with her. 3 years is long enough. I even contemplated moving to 2nd grade since there will be an opening, but I love 1st too much. And I don't like change, so...looks like I will be there in 1st for a bit longer! I ate in my room on Monday and Tuesday - that sucked. I hate eating in my dirty room, but it's the only place to go to escape her. Yesterday we had "training" and I use that word loosely. It was a mess. What originally started out as a whole day training turned into a half day training for me and the loud one, and was a whole day training for the teacher who has already been through the training and for another teacher. I got to walk into the training mid way with no clue as to what was going on. I wasn't happy (and I did go in with a bad attitude!) but I watched what the teacher did and listened and tried to be a good student. The teachniques she was showing us are things we already do, but it just seemed like it was on a bigger, grander scale. DO we have time for that? No, but those who are trained know how to fit it in, rather than those of us who haven't been allowed to go (to the 6 day training) and get to see something for about 2 hours (mine was less than 2 hours). I'll read through the information (eventually when I am bored) and go from there.

Well, time to get ready to go to work. Today's my Friday and then I am off to Vegas tonight for a wedding. Looking forward to some R&R and not being home.

Have a great day!

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