Cleaning out the clutter

Today was minimum day. I wish I could be more excited about them, but I can't. We get out a little more than an hour early, but we put the time in the rest of the week by staying later. I had planned to come home early today to beat the next storm that is barreling in, but it didn't barrel as fast, so it was still sunny at 3! Instead, I was trying to clean a bit and organize. I like to be super organized, but right now I feel it's absolute chaos. I have piles and piles and piles going on. Not making me happy!

With next week being spring break, I spent part of the time today getting my stuff ready for when we come back. I still have some work to do, but nothing that won't get done by Friday morning. My bookcase of my teacher books is a nightmare. I need to really clean, organize and re-do how I have it set up. I started today. I went through all my teacher resource books and pulled out the books I don't use. I kept asking myself what I thinking when I bought it. Half the books are basically brand new with no markings and I don't think I have opened them up since I got them. The other half are well used books that I have made many a copy of and have them filed from here to eternity. I don't need them collecting dust on the shelf anymore. It's a good feeling to have some room, but here's the question...What do I do with them all? I am too cheap to just give them away or put them on the freebie table since I did spend a pretty penny on them. I have tried craigslit and half.com, but not much luck. For craigslist, there aren't too many teachers buying stuff and there aren't too many new teachers period. So, what to do? I will sit and list them on half tonight, just for fun, but they will probably end up collecting dust sitting here in my home office waiting to be used. Any suggestions?

I have debated about whether or not to go in to school on spring break. It would be nice to use the time to get some things cleaned and organized, but I also want time away. I thought we would have time after school is done for the year, but I guess we are hosting summer school and then superintendent is requiring that all schools turn in all keys. I guess they don't want us to have access to the school over the summer at all. Talk about panic attack. I think I went in twice only this last summer and it was to either drop something off or pick something up, not work. Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions!

Time to work on cleaning the clutter of my house. It's a complete and utter disaster. Thanks to all the rain, I have mud cakes everywhere thanks to the hubby and my 3 dogs. While others are praying for spring showers, I am hoping for summer sun and warmth. I don't care for mud which is all we got right now!

Happy Wednesday!

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