What a day!

Well, we took the first part of the benchmark test. I was very proud of 14 of my 20 kids who did very well and helped to give our class a high score. I was not at all happy with the other 6 kids who FAILED the test and brought my 90+% avergae down to 83%. Not how I wanted to start a Monday. And it was all because some kids didn't bother to think for a second about the answer, rather they just filled in a bubble for fun. Pisses me off! Seriously...how do you not know that a sentence needs to be capitalized? Really? But, the kids who scored low are those whose parents don't give a crap and don't get the help at home. It's sad really, that these parents have been allowed the honor of having children, yet they don't do shit to raise them. Sorry, this is a sore subject for me. I feel that those people who don't care what their children do shouldn't have been allowed to have all the children they have while those who want to be good, nurturing parents aren't always allowed to be. (Good thing I didn't blog 6 years ago! I would have been booted off the internet! I was not a happy person then with the whole child-bearing thing! Now I have my daughter and am a tad less cynical!)/

Anyway, it was a rough weekend for me. I was sick (or fighting allergies, whatever. I still feel like crud!), had a busy day out Saturday running countless errands and when I really just wanted to stay home yesterday and rest and relax and make my house look presentable, my my hubby persuaded me to go shopping with the neighbor to look for a dress for a wedding I have to go to. That turned into an all day event of trying to find something to wear to the wedding along with now having to buy some nicer clothes to wear to my grandma's funeral. She passed away yesterday at 91 after living with ovarian cancer for the last few months. She had survived colon cancer, melanoma and lymphoma when she was in her 80's, but the dr.s wouldnt' treat her ovarian cancer with surgery and the chemo made her deathly ill. So, she spent the last few months hoping to die quickly and be with my grandpa. She finally got her wish and is no longer in pain, but it makes for a crappy weekend for my mom and the rest of the family.

But, tomorrow is a new day. I guess if I follow her footsteps (cancer-free hopefully), I have quite a few more years ahead of me. Hopefully I can live life like she did. Now I just need to change my attitude, which is happening slowly, but surely and get out there and kick ass!

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