TGI Frosty Friday

We are getting a taste of winter this weekend. Mind you, we are in the land of sun, but this weekend is going to be cold. It's been cold all week, in CA standards, with highs barely in the 50's. This weekend, we are expecting SNOW! Yep, our snow levels are down to 500 feet. They are expecting snow at the coastal areas, too. That's unheard of here. I don't live near the beach at all (it's about 60 miles away), I don't live near the mountains (they are about 30 miles away). We are about 1400 ft. elevation, so we may end up with quite a bit white stuff. I hope we do get some, just for fun, but it will make driving insane. People freak when it rains, imagine snow!

I am glad we are getting back to long weeks. Short weeks seem to be a pain in the butt. I try to cram it all in to 4 days, rather than go an extra day the next week. I am looking forward to the chance to do some fun activities next week. We'll see how the kids behave.

Testing is done, so now it's time to do report cards. I have one week to get them done and I haven't even started. Oops! Guess I have some long nights coming up for myself. I normally have them done by now, but it's just been a weird year. Anyone else feel that way?

Time for me to go cuddle on the couch with my family and wait for the snow! Happy Friday!

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