So tired!

Oh my word. I am exhausted and I don't know why. Actually, I do know why...it's almost the 4 day weekend and I want a break. I thought of taking tomorrow off, but then I thought about all the work that would entail and decided against it. 2 more days, I can do it.

We survived Valentine's day. We didn't party til the afternoon, but they kids were still hyped up. We did our valentine graphing with the chalky heart candies and then we passed out cards after recess and loaded up on sugar. It's the one time of the year I make my kids cupcakes and let them eat inside the room. And, since my room is getting vacuumed every night now (see, bitching does pay off!), I didn't mind the kids eating. I let them watch part of Charlie Brown, but then we had to get ready to go. I was glad when 3:15 rolled around, but then I had a parent conference. Oh well, it's done and over with!

Speaking of conferences, this somehow ended up being my conference week. We only are required to meet once a year, but I meet with those who are struggling. One parent was full of excuses and telling me her daughter is the same at home. Um, if my child was like that, she wouldn't have any toys, TV or freedom until her attitude changed. But, I think she was a surprise baby, and the parents have older children out of the house, so I am sure they are a bit tired of children! But, come on...this is your child...help them learn! My other one today was long, but good. The parents think I am great and the parents are great, too. They work with their child, pay for tutoring and help as much as they can. I just wish their daughter "got it" in everything we do. Sadly, she doesn't. I have more tomorrow, with the translator. It will be another fun-filled afternoon of excuses, but what can you do other than listen and tell them to work harder!?

Hubby is making dinner and I am about to collapse right here. Tomorrow is Wednesday, one day closer to a 4 day weekend!

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