My favorite kind of Sunday

I am being lazy today, yet it's a productive lazy. I brought a ton of stuff home to do this weekend, since it's a long weekend. I am working on that today along with watching the Nascar race. Too bad my driver was wrecked and now I will just watch it as I do my work!

I went through and filed all the papers I have had stacked on top since December. Yep. They were in an organized stack, but now they are filed. I am wondering why I even keep the things I keep, since they are trashed at the end of the year. One thing I have is pieces of paper from my DRA testing. I don't copy the entire 6 to 8 pages of stuff they want us to copy. We don't have that much paper. Instead, I use regular paper to mark their errors and then write their retell down. I then keep it til the end of the year, but then I have to do the final DRA on the regular DRA form for their file. How do you do it? There has to be a better way than destroying a whole forest of trees for this test. But, I guess testing is synonymous with destroying the forest. There's got to be a better way to give the kids tests without using an entire ream of paper per test. And my one computer in my classroom ain't gonna cut it!

I also have papers to grade, lesson plans to write and more. I guess I should get back to my couch potato ways and get some work done!

Happy Sunday!

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