We do a daily intervention time with the grade level. I don't like it, but I don't know how else we would fit in ELD without taking away something from the kids. And, in my district, it's mandatory we do 30 minutes of ELD a day. Yay. For our grade level, we have been directed by the principal to level our kids (our english speakers) into high, medium, low and ship them off to different classes. We focus on different skills that the kids need and hope they make progress. Blah, blah, blah.

Today at collaboration, we were talking about when to stop or modify our intervention time. The EL's still have to go, but it would be so nice to keep our other kids and work on things in our own class. We have to get the OK from the principal, which may prove to be difficult, but I am hopeful. Our scores on our last benchmark tests were the best in the district (somehow...with a little not-being-so-honest by some) so we feel we should get a little break from the run around with intervention.

So, tell me...how does intervention work for you and your school? What do you do? What do the others do? Please give some guidance so we can go to our principal with a solid plan, rather than "I just wanna work with my kids on my own!". Thanks!

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