Hello 4-day weekend!

Today is day one of my 4 day weekend. I am so happy! I am in need of a break and my house is in need of cleaning (really deep cleaning) and my daughter is in need of mommy time. It works out perfect! I was really feeling stressed and frustrated at work, and this weekend couldn't have come any sooner. We've only been in school for about 5 weeks, but it's been crazy. And, to top it off, we have had benchmark testing and now report card testing. I forget that I have to actually teach, too. Too much testing. But, it's almost done!

I left my room yesterday in a bit of a mess. And I don't care. It'll be there on Tuesday when I get back. I did move their seats right before we left, so I will see what that looks like on Tuesday. I moved them into completely different groups and a completely different arrangement that they have had before. I hope it works! I need the room since I have 2 on an "island" (AKA sitting by themselves).

I really wish I could change my whole room around, but that will have to wait til summer. I should have done it this last summer, but I was chicken. Not this year. I'm going to do it and hope it turns out as good as it does in my head. Where I am at now, my word wall and calendar area are separate. I have never had that before. I used to use my word wall so much more than I do now, since it's on the other side, behind a table and next to the bookcases. Not an ideal spot. So, in my mind, it's going to go where my desk is now and my calendar area will go there and that will be my new whole group area. So, if the school year wouldn't mind going a bit quicker, I would love it. I want to get in, move stuff around, clean and start fresh! I would do it now, but it would take more time that I have at the moment. Unless I can beg the hubby to come in on a Wednesday afternoon and work til really late. Hmmmmm...idea!

A lot of people at work have big plans for the weekend. My friend is going to Vegas, some are going to the desert to go riding. Me? Taking my daughter to story time and the library and coming home and cleaning like a mad woman. Oh, and watching it rain. We're supposed to have rain all weekend. Lovely. Just means I don't have to clean my floors, thanks to having 3 big dogs! I did bring a lot of work home with me, but I figure I can do it at night. Or next weekend. Or on Spring break. Whenever!

Happy Friday to all!

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