Groundhog's Day

Today we celebrated Groundhog's Day. I guess celebrate is a strong word. But we did do some things with the groundhog. For us, there was nothing to hide the sun, so anything here would have seen the shadow. I guess for those in the snow, they are glad the little bugger was on the East coast!

This week, we have been reading some books about the groundhog. Nothing non-fiction, all fun fictional stories. I don't think my kids really understood it too much, but they like listening to the stories.

We made a graph yesterday with our predictions for the groundhog.

We wrote about the groundhog not seeing his shadow and that spring will soon be here.

I had a little book that the kids colored and took home as well as a word search I made this morning. I was going to post it, but then I got busy and by now, no one cares!

I also had a puppet that the kids made, too. Cute!

All in all, a fun day!

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