Germs are gross

Why can't germs just stay the heck away? All my kids are sick, my baby is sick and I am sick. Still sick. Like since January sick. It sucks. But, I finally put on my big girl panties and went to the doctor. I have been feeling dizzy for the last week, but chalked it up to stress - my hubby's test, my grandma dying and report cards and testing, all at the same time. But it has only been getting worse, not better.

So, today I decided was the day to go to the dr. I was going to take the day off of work, but a little anxiety attack made that a big 'ol no this morning. There was too much to do to take the day off. I figured worse case I could take a half day and be home early. Lucky for me, I was able to get in at 3:30. School ends at 3:15, but I was able to send my kids next door and leave a few minutes early. It's uber stressful leaving right before parent pick up. In fact, a parent almost hit me as she was coming in the parking lot through the EXIT! But, I was safe, made it to the dr. and got drugs!

I have a lovely infection. Not a sinus infection or an ear infection, but an infection throughout my sinus cavities and all that drain to and from my sinuses. Good times in my head! So, I got my meds (big giant horse pills that will cause my stomach to revolt in about 2 days!) and bought some sinus rinse at WalGreens. I am not to the point of a NetiPot yet, or the full blown sinus rinse that you shove up your nose, but baby steps. We'll see how that works. I am super nervous and not sure I will be brave enough to try it. (And for those who say it's a piece of cake, I had to have an NG tube shoved up my nose, while awake and the thought of anything near my nose will cause me to dry heave!).

So, now it's time to go lay on my bed, ponder the thought of finishing report cards, turn on the TV and waste the night away! But really, I have one question - Is it June yet?


  1. Ugh, I agree. Germs stay away!

    I got sick last Monday and just now FINALLY am I starting to feel normal again. Being sick is the worst...probably moreso because as teachers we can't just "take a day off" and be done with it!

  2. I thought of taking a day off, but it's more work than actually going in to work for the day. Plus, I feel pretty good, just tired from the constant use of kleenex!