Another month closer to summer

About this time every year, I get the itch for summer vacation. It seems that this time of the year goes really fast, yet really slow. There is a lot going on, there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all in. I want vacation so I can have some time to relax. But, it's not vacation yet, and there are 4 months to go. This year, we end on May 27. It's crazy to think that a couple years ago we were teaching into the middle of June and now we will be out in May. Next year we are out even earlier, if we have to take furlough days again. Crazy!

This next week, we are taking our benchmark tests for this trimester. I am not sure how my kids will do, even though we have reviewed and reviewed like crazy. I'm confident that most will do well, but have some who I know won't have a clue as tgo what's happening. I can only do so much and work with the kids in small groups so much before something has to give - my sanity or theirs! One teacher gave her test on Friday and had to make a point of telling us that her kids all did well. It surprises me when she complains about how a student can't do this or that, yet they get 100% on the test and it's stuff that they can't do. Hmmmm! I walked past her room on Friday on my way back from the library and I could hear her screaming at one of her students. Mind you, I was 2 classrooms away and could hear her. It's insane. She is a very loud person by nature, but when she is screaming at her kids, it is horrible. I would never allow my own child to be in her class, and feel for those who are in her class. But she is allowed to do it for some reason, and even joked about yelling at her kids to make them do their best work. And the principal didn't seem to care. WTH?

Once we are done with the benchmark testing, it will be just a couple of weeks til report cards. Which means more testing for DRA's, sight words, math, etc. It drives me batty that we have so much testing to do, yet we are always supposed to be working in small groups. How do they expect us to do both? Well, actually, I don't think they care how we teach it, as long as we teach it and the scores go up. Yeah. whatever. Give me the time and I can get it done, but throw more crap on us and we won't be able to function!

My classroom is in a portable buidling out on the back part of campus. It's nice since no one wants to take the time to walk out there to see us. But on Friday, it wasn't so nice. Mind you, this week I had the visiting lizard, the ceiling rats the week before. Friday morning, we had a very cold morning for So Cal standards. It was 29 when I left with frost all over. Got to school and it had warmed up to 34, but my classroom was a balmy 48. The heater hadn't "defrosted" yet, so it was blowing in cold air. Not my idea of a fun place to be! I couldn't get my work done and no one cares, since it warms up eventually. It was a bad way to begin my Friday. Oh, and did I mention that my sinus problems from January are back? This is day 5 with no end in sight. Sure, I could go to the doctor, but what would that help - more drugs that I don't want anymore!!!!!

I'm really looking forward to spring break in about 7 weeks. I am in need of some down time. My winter break didn't seem to do it. It did, but getting sick right after gave me a very bad attitude that I am having a hard time changing right now. I'm tired of taking 2 steps back each time I take a step forward. I'm sure a lot of it is my attitude, but a lot of it comes from the place I am in at school, and all the crap there. I miss the "old days" of teaching when I had my kids all day, I was the one working with them all day and they made huge growth. My kids do now, but they are shuffled about the school for a time and I don't feel I am as productive as I can be. Maybe that's my fault, but I haven't figured out a way to change it yet.

Time to get working on stuff for the week. We are going to start tutoring at lunch. Heaven help me! It'll only be 2 days a week, I can do it. And I hope my kids make some serious progress in math with this "free" help they will be getting!

Happy Sunday! Here's to a sunny day, highs in the 80's and not giving a darn about who wins!

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