100th Day Celebration

Today was the 100th day of school and I am glad it's over. It was a long, out of the ordinary day, and the kids were insane. I mean really insane. This was one of the first classes that have been insanely nuts like this. I think it has something to do with the weather and the fact that the wind will be howling tomorrow!

We started the day with our projects from home. Some are cute, some are well, you know!

We then did some writing about what we would buy with $100 and how we would look when we were 100. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures, but they weren't that good. I had a couple of really good pictures, but most kids can't seem to fathom what 100 years old means. Some think I am 90, so I guess them drawing themselves looking 30 must be spot on (I'm only 34!). We also had some other fun little centers with 100's day, but again, I wasn't thinking and didn't take any pics!

We made our fruit loop necklaces. I have done this for 13 years now, and they all love it. They had to count out their cereal and then put it on the string. It's amazing how quickly some do it and how some take forver.

We did the name "quilts". They had to write their name over and over again in a 10 by 10 grid and then color it in, one color for each letter, repeating. Some didn't quite understand to color them different, so if they had 2 letters the same, they colored them the same color. Oh well. Live and learn.

And just as a final touch, here were 2 funny things that one of my kids had on their chart for the 100th day of school.

This is funny because I always have a soda after lunch and yesterday we had a lizard in the room. I hate lizards or anything that belongs outside. I thought it was cute that he put it on his chart. Hopefully there are no more creepy crawlies in my room this year! In the last week there have been ceiling rats and now a lizard. Ugh! Time to move!

Happy 100th day!

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