Winter again?

For those of you on the east coast, or anywhere east of say, Arizona, you are tired of winter. You are ready for spring to come and melt everything! For us, we have had a typical La Nina year. Well, except for the deluge of rain in December. It has been sunny and dry since about January 3rd. But today, it's cold (for us), cloudy and a chance of rain is in the forecast. It was so nice to not wake up to the sun burning our retinas. It was nice that my daughter slept in for a bit longer today waiting til the clock said "7" before she walked in my room. I am hoping we get a little more rain this winter, since we do live in a notorious region for insane fire seasons. I would like the plants to stay green beyond April, if possible. Last year was nice because we didn't get our hot summer til August, which normally we get in May. If you think back, there wasn't a lot on the news about California burning down last year, thank goodness! So, pray we get more rain, and I'll pray that you don't get anymore snow! Deal?

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