Week in Review - Penguins

I am so glad today is Saturday. It was a long first week back toppedoff by a cold. Lovely. At least we have a 3 day weekend to relax and regroup before a longer haul of 5 day weeks.

Unfortunaelty, my computer won't recognize my memory card today. I'm bummed that you can't see my kids great work! Here's a brief rundown of what we did the week with our penguin stidy. If I can get onto hubby's computer or get mine to work, I will post with pics. Grrrr!

1. We made the cute chart with "are", "can", "have" and the students gave me the info to put in each one. They liked how easy it was to find the information when we did writing.

2. We made our own penguins with paper. A simple cut and glue activity, but they came out cute. Some of them cuter than others! But, my art challenged kids are improving. For the most part.

3. We did a directed drawing of a penguin. I had them draw the ice on the bottom, we made the penguin, colored it and then added in the blue sky behind it. I am still trying to get the kids to color in just one direction, but they aren't there yet. Scribbling gets is done faster. I had a kid tell me that yesterday and asked me if I didn't know that. Um, yeah, I know, but it looks like crap that way. I didn't tell them that!

4. The students wrote about penguins using the information from the chart. It's amazing to me how many misspellings there are when they words are on the wall! But they fixed them and they will go up with their panguins on Tuesday.

5. The students filled in a bubble chart/word web on penguins.

I really wish we had more time to do it all, but we have such strict times, that there isn't time to fit it all in. I really hope next year we do away with minimum days or collaboration. For us, it's 2 afternoons that the students are gone at 2 and we aren't able to teach. That leaves me 3 afternoons to fit in science or social studies since that is the alloted time to do it. I try to incorporate as much as possible, but it ain't working for me!
We started Time this week. Oh. My. Word. For the kids who get it, they get it. The understand. They pass the test. But for those who don't get it, they have no idea. I feel like I was talking to a brick wall with a couple of them. We only have to go to the hour and half hour, but that half hour is killing me. That and the fact that our math program has red and blue hands that are opposite of our little clocks we use for practice. I don't know how many times I said to look for the little hand first. I felt like a broken record. And some kids who needed extra help were given over an hour of extra time of instruction on telling time(doesn't seem like a lot, but it is when you think that the others kids were doing centers and not getting my instruction!!!!). Of course, the loud mouth teacher tells me that ALL her kids got 100% on the test. At first, I want to cry, but then I have to sit back and think that she does this all the time. She toots her own horn to make herself look good at the expense of everyone else. She must be very insecure in life and needs this to make herself feel better. It just bugs the crap out of me. And I know when her students go to second grade, they will not do well, the teachers will complain and be frustrated, but they don't say that about mine! :) Next week we venture into the world on 10's and 1's and prepare more for our lovely benchmark test next month!
I've decided my new goal this year (one of the many that I haven't followed through on) is to learn how to use google docs and find cute clip art (compared to th eugly clip art I have on my computer). So, to those of you techy people who have it all together...Where do you find the cute clip art? How do you use google docs? I never felt so un-techy as I do now seeing all your cute stuff! I am jealous of your creativity and abilities!
And for all of you still in ice or sitting and watching things melt (hopefully), it will be about 80 here today in So Cal. All the mud we still have will dry out, all the weeds will grow about 2 feet this weekend and we will be out in force showing off our bright white legs and unpainted toes! Well, my toes are done, but I will be in pants to spare people the horror of my whiteness! Enjoy your winter weekend, while we bask in an early spring! Before you get too jealous, for us this means that things dry out faster, which ups the fire danger, our trees are shocked and don't know what to do and eventually, winter will be back and we will be flooding again and have landslides. Oh, and there is always the fear of earthquakes! How many of you can say that? Happy Saturday!


  1. I remember teaching 1st grade about 3 years ago. Then I moved to 4th grade where teaching to the state standardized tests seems like the thing to do. This past year I have missed teaching 1st grade.

    Teachers' Lounge Talk

  2. I am obssesed with Dj Inkers (djinkers.com). Some say it's a little pricey, but they give you black and white images PLUS color. I also like scrappindoodles.com (both of those companies allow for you to share your printables on your blog for free). :) Also, if you go to google and actually search for "help with google docs"...there are some great sites out there to help you! Make sure your docs are in PDF. Also, ladybugteacherfiles.blogspot.com does some demos on google docs. So does 2ndin1st.blogspot.com

    Hope that helps!