Three Little Pigs Mini Unit

This week, we are focusing on the long e sound in words. For my students who are a little more advanced and able to work on their own, I created this little mini unit to use with The Three Little Pigs story from Scholastic. It's one of the little phonics readers. It goes along with the long e sound and everything else we have been working on. This is something they will work on either independently or I may let them work together since this is the first time they will be doing something like this. I needed to make some changes to the way my groups work, so I am hoping that this will help me make those changes. (Changes = more time to work with the kids who don't get it since no one bothers to help them at home!).

I'm still learning to use clip art, so hopefully it works like I want it to!

You will find the mini unit here

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