Thoughts on Arizona

I spent an insane amount of time yesterday watching CNN after the congresswoman from AZ was shot. I did my undergrad work in Arizona and have a soft spot in my heart for the state. I am not into politics at all, and really don't know anything about what each political party stands for. It is something that doesn't interest me in the least. I hate watching the news and seeing politicians say crap about others, simply because they don't have the same beliefs. Aren't we supposed to be teaching children to value others opinions? Yet in politics, it's OK to talk shit on other people simply for what they believe is right?

My husband had posted a comment on facebook about the shooting and then had people comment back to him. He didn't write anything about a political person or a political party, but his "friends" who commented back were all very quick to defend Sarah Palin. I thought it was interesting for them to jump to that conclusion so quickly. I am not in any means a Sarah Palin supporter, but hey, if you are, that's fine. I am not going to join anyone at a rally, but at the same time, respect what I think and don't tell me that I am wrong. I think some whackjob in the desert and shot at innocent people for whatever effed up reason. I don't care if the guy was a republican or democrat or what not. He was a freakin' nut job who deserves what he gets coming to him. People died. People were shot for being somewhere they had a right to go. Hell, a little girl died going to meet someone that she wanted to meet. How sad. Yet people want to focus on political parties and affiliations. I think politics is getting out of hand, but it's more like schoolyeard bullying gone too far. Politicians - in both parties - need to act like civilized adults and be good examples for everyone in America, both young and old.

A friend from college who lives in Arizona had posted a comment on FB last night saying that we should all be more aware of doing nice things for each other. We should all do one nice act of kindness for every one senseless act of violence. And I think that's my new goal. I am going to make sure I am doing one neice thing a day for people. And I am going to try to get my kids to do the same. They aren't into politics, but I hope they know that people are people and we need to treat each other with respect, regardless of whether you agree with that person or not.

It really bothers me to read things people write on Yahoo posts or AOL posts about what happened because it goes against everything we teach as teachers. But, unfortunately, that is America. People have their opinions, ideas and beliefs and hold them to be true and if someone disagrees, then they are wrong. And maybe it comes from how people were raised. My grandparents were from Texas, had strong beliefs about people of other races and my granddad held those beliefs til the day he died. He wasn't going to change, no matter what. I certainly don't have those same beliefs, but I was raised a bit different, in a different time. I wish I knoew the answer. I hate to think that in 15 years, my students could be out there with crazy, whacked out thoughts and go postal.

Yesterday just realy bothered me. I don't know the people. I don't know what the congresswoman stood for. And it doesn't matter. People were shot, killed and wounded simply for having a belief about something. There is too much on the news about this side is against that side and blah, blah, blah. I just wish people would work to make the whole country better, rather than trying to rip it apart. I'm going to do my small, itty bitty part to help my kids learn that there is more to life than always being right.

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  1. I always find things like this disheartening! I work hard to teach my kinders that it is important to talk to one another and express our feelings in an appropriate way. Then something like blows up on the news and our kids see it. What kind of message is that sending to our youth?