Shopping Spree

I had a shopping spree today. Well, a mini spree really. Our PTA gives us $100 to spend every year. For the last 2 years, we got $100 gift cards to Walmart for the beginning of the year. Perfect. This year, they decided they would reimburse us the $100 after we turned in receipts. And then waited 6 months for them to pay us. Um, no...I have a small income anyway and need every cent! They did agree to give us PO's to where we wanted. I didn't care about Walmart now that the schools sales are over, but I can always go to Lakeshore Learning. I love that store. I don't buy much, but I like what they have.

I have been studying the catalog, thinking about what I want the most and then trying to find the time to go. Alone. I did it today. Left my catalog at home and went shopping. Most of what I wanted had to be ordered, so I just bought things they had at the store that I wouldn't normally buy on my own.

Some of my goodies: coin stamps (I can make my own worksheets now!!); phonics stamps for blends, digraphs and vowels (both long and short); a grammar book; a world map I can actually write on and stick stuff on; flash cards for a word family game and someting else that I can't remember. I wish I had an unlimited income, but sad to say, I do not. Oh well. I got stuff that didn't cost me much (I still paid for some out of my own pocket) and it's stuff I wouldn't have bought otherwise.

I am almost ready for Monday, if you don't take into account that the alarm will NOT be my friend. I have liked sleeping in past 6 everyday (like 7:00 or later most days!!!) and 5:30 will be here awfully early!

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