Oh, how I love Wednesdays

Today is Wednesday, which is minimum day. Really, it's just another afternoon of not being able to cover my science standards the way I want, but it's minimum day. The kids go home early and we can do whatever. Really, we can! If we want to leave, we can leave. If we want to stay, we can stay. It's pretty cool. But a big waste of time. Give me the afternoon back and let me get out everyday at 3:00!!!!!

Today my plan is to start re-organizing my file cabinets. Sounds fun, huh? I have an idea and want to do it, but haven't had the time or the energy since we have been back to work. And now I am fighting a sinus thingy (I refuse to call it an ifection) and have been really tired. I actually slept last night and feel good, minus the pressure in the left side of my face. Sorry, too much TMI at 6am! I am hoping to make my file cabinet more user friendly and get rid of stuff I haven't used in a few years. Sadly, there is stuff in there like that!

In reality, I know what will happen. The kids will leave. I will "grade" their papers and then I will sit in front of the computer and spend the hour or so doing who knows what. And then I will look at the clock, realize it's after 4 and then leave like a bat out of hell to go get my daughter. Good times! But, there won't be any kids there to keep me from wasting my time on the computer! :) That's why I love Wednesdays! :)

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