Off and running

Well, today was Day 2 back at work. It was so hard to get up this morning and get moving, but I am glad to be back. My daughter - not so much. She's having mommy issues with me at work, so it makes it even harder. But, we'll get through it! She had school today, so all was well with the world!

We jumped right back into learning yesterday. We started on long vowels with long a. I am making my lower kids learn it, too, which is something I haven't done in the past. I am hoping that it helps them fill in some gaps so we can cover them all later. We'll see. So far the kids seem really with it and ready to learn. Bad thing is, progress reports go home on Friday and it's hard to justify to a parent why their child gets a progress report after "1 week", even though the term is half over (6 weeks already!).

We are also working on telling time. Our math program does a crappy job of teaching time. They give them 2 lessons on time to the hour (that's a Kinder standard in CA), yet only one lesson on time to the half hour. That's the dang standard, and there's only one lesson? So we will be supplementing the rest of the time on learning time to the half hour. And that's basically all they cover. I think there is some on elapsed time, but really, a kid has a hard time understanding how long an hour is!

We started our mini unit on penguins. I am in heaven. It's so much fun to do something new. We made a chart yesterday (that I borrowed from a few blogs). I put a penguin on top and then had 3 columns - can...have...are. Why I was never able to think of this, I don't know, but it made so much more sense to me and my kids. And I bragged about it during collaboration and my principal said it was genius. So thanks to all of you that have done it and gave me the idea. I got props from the principal!

Now it's just getting through the rest of the week. It's hard the first week back, but I have the 3 day weekend to look forward to! I wish I had some exciting plans. Maybe I will talk the hubs into going somewhere new on the weekend, like the Living Desert out in Palm Springs. Maybe it will be warm there. Sorry for those of you in the freezing areas, but it was about 63 today and I was cold all day. That's why I live here and not anywhere else with ice!

Time to make dinner, get things cleaned and ready for tomorrow and go to bed. My head is pounding and it wants sleep. Happy Tuesday!

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