New Year, New Cold, New Idea

It looks like I am greated with a cold for the new year. In fact, I was asleep before 9 last night and got out of bed for good at 8:30. Sleep must have been something I needed. I am so glad that I still have another week off of school since I have a cold. I would not want to have to go back not feeling 100%. I will take this week to plan, rest and take my daughter to where she needs to be. I can be Mommy for the week!

I am also going to get some planning done - or a lot of it really. I haven't thought of plans since I left in December. And, if I want to change things up, I need to get my butt in gear and get some things done.

One thing I am going to add to my daily routine is math journals. I think I am going have the kids work on them after our math timed tests. I will give them a problem to figure out, they will draw it out in their journals and then work on a center when they are done. This way I will have 10 minutes to work with my low kids in math on their addition, subtraction and counting. In my mind it will work, but we will see in the next couple of weeks how it works in reality. I think my high kids will breeze right through it while my middle kids will go either way. We'll see. I'll update later! But first, I will have to make the journals! I'm not going to buy them until I know I can make it work. So, I will have to run to the store later this week to buy the stuff, since we aren't allowed in our classrooms til we go back. :(

Not much else in my mind today, except the thought of going back to bed. But that isn't feasible with a 4 year old, so I am off to ponder the day on the couch! Happy Sunday!

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