New toy!

I am so excited! My new computer was ready for pick up last night. It's still in the box this morning, but I will be hooking it up today, just as soon as I get my stuff off my old one! I will actually be able to make my worksheets at home and put them on google here at home, rather than break the "rules" and do it at school! I say this, but I haven't seen my computer yet to know what it will do. But it should be good, since my hubby is jealous of my new computer. I told him he gets a new one as soon as he passes this "little" test he has to take at the end of the month. I have been the sole bread winner for the last 5 years while he went to school, now he just needs to pass this test so he can bring home the bacon, too! (And his "bacon" will bring in a lot more $ than mine ever will...just pass the damn test!!!!). Anyway, happy Sunday! I'll be busy playing with my new toy, as well as dealing with the piles of laundry!

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