A little rant

Today my daughter had speech at 8am. I am normally at work, so I gladly took her. I had a couple other errands to run, so I thought I would get everything done in one fell swoop. Boy was I wrong. Nothing was open! I can't say that. The dr. office was open, but I just had to run in, grab a paper and leave. I wanted to go to Lakeshore - NOPE. 10am. The bookstore. 11am. The library. 10am. How do these old people do it? Nothing is open when they are awake. It was very frustrating. I am glad I am at work when I am since there isn't anything opened. So tomorrow, I will take my daughter to school, come home, kill over an hour and then I can go get what I need at Lakeshore and the bookstore and then run to go pick her up on time. Grrr! When I want to feel productive, I can't since some people feel the need to sleep. Maybe I am just jealous that I wasn't one of them!

On the flipside, I did get some planning done and have now had a revalation about my planning! Yay!

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