Dressing for work...revisited

A while back, I posted about what people wear to work. You can read it here. I was thinking about it the other day and it got me thinking again.

I took my daughter last week for some frozen yougurt. When it's in the 70's you don't care about things being frozen! Anyway, the store we go to us located next to a charter school. The people there are nutty (the one's I know, anyway), but a couple of them walked in. I was shocked at how they dressed. They were very professional. Heck, they were in high heels, which is something I would never do, but hey, more power to ya! I thought about what I was wearing and was OK with it - a sweater, blue pants (not jeans) and shoes.

Then I thought about the people I work with. In my grade level alone, there are 5 of us. 2 teachers wear jeans every day. I could say 3, but one teacher will wear sweats when she's not "feeling it". Um, I would never wear sweats as mine are a) not flattering and b) are used for working out or sitting on the couch on the weekend! The other teacher goes between jeans and wearing nicer clothes, depending on her mood.

Now, I am not the dress to the 9's teacher or anything, but I try to not wear my jeans unless it's Friday. I figure I need to look somewhat professional. I will say that when it rains, I will be in my jeans, simply because we have to walk through half the campus to get anywhere and jeans keep the water off my legs better than my other pants (like khaki's).

But, after seeing the teachers at the charter school dressed all nicely, I felt bad for our kids. They get the teachers who look like they rolled out of bed, through on clothes from the ground and went to work. I like to look like I care a little bit. To me, it isn't practical to be in suits when you are working with first graders, but we need to look a bit better than dressing like it's the weekend.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. I know many teachers in other places dress nicer, even when there is bad weather. I guess I need to change my clothing style to fit how I want to dress and show my students, parents and others that I am professional - or at least not wearing my workout clothes to work!

Happy Thursday!

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