Big plans or bust

Today was bust. Yesterday was bust for the most part. I had big plans to actually work on my plans the last 2 days, but that didn't happen. Yesterday I was busy with laundry (I swear it multiplies on its own) and cleaning and running errands. I did get part of my penguin made for our study, then had my daughter make one. After that it was time for dinner, dishes and bath and bed, and then it was Mommy time for TV. Today I was going to plan after taking my daughter to school, but the my hubby got sick and wanted me to take him to the dr. So, t hat turned into a 3 hour excursion to running other errands. I had promised my daughter a "surprise" today and that was a trip to the movies to see Tangled. Very cute movie. But, can someone tell me when it became so expensive to go to the movies in the middle of the day? WTH? I guess I will resign myself to going to the cheap theater. Yikes!

Anyway, tomorrow I will see if I can get some more planning done. Hubs has to work tomorrow, so it's just my daughter and I. I would really like to get some more deep cleaning done while he's gone (it's just easier that way!) but I also need to plan. We'll see how it goes. As for now, when I should be planning, I am a little tired from today's running around to top off a night of cruddy sleep thanks to weird dreams and my dog who wouldn't stop barking. Thanks Cookie...I needed that.

Here's to another shot at planning. I did find the greates reason ever to be off work another week - everyone is posting their fabulous ideas and lessons on subjects I will be starting next week! Score! Happy Tuesday!

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