Back to Work

Tomorrow will be back to work for me. I have had 3 great weeks off, but I am excited to get back to my kids and get back to teaching. I have some new units we are going to start, some new ideas and practices to put into place and a whole lot of learning to do.

We are going to do a mini unit on Penguins this next week. I am a little late since everyone else has already done them, but I have taken some great ideas from the blogs and am axcited to incorporate them into my teaching. Thanks to all for putting up their stuff and sharing. One of my goals is to learn how to use Google docs so I can share, too. I never pictured myself as being technologically dumb, but I do now. I also need to learn how to use clip art better and may even go buy a cute clip art CD or something. What do you all use? I want something that I can take with me, not just downloaded onto one computer. HELP????

We are finally starting long vowels this week. It's gonna be a tough week with some of my kids and getting them to think, but I am hopeful that my lower kids will be ready to come in and kick butt with their learning!

We also have a month to prepare for benchmark testing. My principal wrote us that she wants to see us working on it daily, which I will, but I don't like the teach to the test philosophy. But, I'd better so my kids have a fighting chance against the 2 who don't necessarily give the test in the correct manner. :(

Well, I have a ton to do on my last day of vacation. Happy Sunday!

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